Top Chef – Las Vegas Finale (No Spoilers!)

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I was pretty satisfied with the winner of Top Chef, Las Vegas. My top four were all there until the end so I was excited to see who would come out on top. Don’t worry – I won’t spoil the fun for all of you who are behind on your DVR, but here is why I liked the top four. Who were your favorites?

Kevin – I really liked that he celebrated sustainable food and repeatedly recreated his favorite ingredients – fish and pork. But, above all, I think he did a good job of making “simple” food delicious.

Bryan – He really cared about the craft of making delicious food. His food looked delicious and was always plated to perfection. Also, he seemed to really care about how his brother was judged and had a really good character.

Michael – This brother had a little attitude problem at times, but don’t all chefs? 🙂 His food was pretty to look at, and he was almost always judged well.

Jen – Even though she didn’t make it to the finale, (What? You haven’t watched that episode yet?!? Go catch up with your DVR!!!) I thought Jen was a fabulous chef. She was a hard worker and really tried to do her best. I think it was the fact that she beat herself up over little things that ultimately did her in.

What do you think? Who were your favorites?


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