Frequently Asked Questions

Catering Services

How many guests can Appetites cater for?

Appetites specializes in parties and events from 2 guests to 100.

What types of menus can Appetites prepare?

Appetites can cater passed or plated Appetizer Menus and buffet, family style or plated Dinner Parties and the Dinner For Two. Chef Lindsay has a large repertoire of dishes for each style of party that you will be able to choose from to customize your menu. Check out the Sample Menus page for some examples.

Does Appetites do desserts?

Chef Lindsay loves to bake and has been part of the pastry team in many Chicago area restaurants. Pricing is available for Birthday Cakes and other specialty items. Appetites can also add a Chocolate Fondue Service to your event for a small fee plus the cost of dipping treats and chocolate. It will be refilled and managed for the length of your party at no additional cost. Check out the Portfolio page for pictures.

Who is the assisting staff?

Chef Lindsay hires assistant cooks and servers that she knows and has worked with many times. They are friendly and experienced and will help you relax and enjoy your own party!

Can Appetites serve alcohol for my party?

Appetites can refill and manage pre-mixed cocktails, beer and wine when the guests serve themselves. If you would like to serve mixed cocktails or have a bartender, Appetites can recommend bartending services. You, the host, are responsible for the guest’s alcohol intake and all actions of the guests under alcohol’s influence.

How is the budget for the party determined?

The budget for each party that Appetites caters is unique. The budget is based on the number of guests you have invited and the style of menu you would like. When you have chosen your final menu, Chef Lindsay will determine the grocery budget and how long it will take to prepare and serve your menu. She will then present a final budget to you for your approval and ask you to sign a contract.

How do I pay?

Appetites requires a deposit of half of the budget total for the Catering Services. The deposit is payable by check or credit card. The remaining amount is due at the end of the party.

What happens if my guest list increases or I need to make changes to the party schedule?

Please give Appetites a one week notice of changes to the guest list. The budget is subject to increase if there is a change to the number of guests.

Please give Appetites a one week notice of a cancellation of your party. If arrangements have not been made to reschedule your party, your deposit will not be refunded. Exceptions may be made for illness or emergencies.

The budgeted charges will not change regardless of the final grocery cost or amount of time spent cooking. However, if the event runs over the scheduled time, you, the host will be responsible for the fees of the Chef and assistants. Chef Lindsay’s fee for the overtime will be 1 ½ times her charges per hour. You will be responsible for paying the assistants for the total time they have worked at the rate quoted.

If you have more questions, please Contact the Chef.