To Go Out or Dine In?

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My husband, David, and I opted to stay in this Valentine’s Day. We made a very nice dinner of fancy salamis, cheeses and wine. Then we finished the meal with a dessert that we made together.

It seems that staying in and making dinner at home has become more popular lately. I hear that my friends and clients would rather stay in, and I have seen the trend promoted on reality TV, magazines, and blogs. It probably has a lot to do with the economy. If you have the time and skill to cook at home, it can be done less expensively than going out to a nice restaurant. And some people are just tired of dealing with the crowds, especially on a holiday such as Valentine’s Day.

But, I also understand the appeal of going to dinner at a restaurant. There is an opportunity to experience new food; sights and smells you haven’t had before. You will be served to and waited on and hopefully, made to feel special. And not to mention, you can avoid the menu planning, the grocery store, and the dirty dishes to clean up.

So, who made dinner at home and who decided to go out to a favorite restaurant for Valentine’s? Why did you make your choice, and what was for dinner?


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